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Individual Life Insurance

Life insurance can offer funds to almost anything from mortgages, debts to burial expenses and medical bills. We know life happens and we want to make sure all expenses are taken care of.

We offer 3 Individual Life insurance policies to meet your needs:

  1. Term Life insurance: Term Life insurance is coverage for a limited number of years. A typical term is anywhere between 5-20 years. It provides coverage for the whole family while still being affordable. The term will expire without value if the member(s) lives beyond the period of the contract. Premiums will not increase during one’s term. Term insurance will also cover death if one were to die during his or her term. If payments are not being made, the coverage will stop.
  2. Universal Life Insurance: Universal Life Insurance is the most flexible where our policyholders can decide the amount/rate at which you pay. The more you pay at once, the less you pay over time. Premiums will cover expenses, savings and investments. However, interest on investments will always follow the movement of prior interest rates.
  3. Whole Life Insurance: Whole Life Insurance offers everlasting life protection starting the day one signs up. If all premiums are paid, the insurance will not end until there is verified death of the member. Those premiums will have been set when the insurance was first issued. Whole life can offer living benefits, such as cash values. These will build over the years and potentially help pay for education, bills and mortgages.

These policies are always subject to change and can be modified to fit the client as best as possible.

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